Melissa Broner

Registered Mental Health Counseling Intern

Hi! I am a teen and young adult therapist at Bloom. I am solution-focused, client-centered, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy CBT counselor with a passion for working with young minds! As a registered mental health counselor intern and certified school counselor, I bring a unique perspective to addressing the challenges faced by youth, such as school-related difficulties, bullying, and social skills development. I also understand the importance of equipping parents with effective tools to support their children's well-being. As a trained TherabestieTM I am confident in my ability to build a relationship with teens and young adults allowing me to foster real change in your home!

Melissa Broner

My Rates

Therapy sessions range in price depending on the clinicians experience, skill level, and availability

Intake Session

50-60 Minutes
During this time a full diagnostic assessment is completed. Step 1 of The Bloom Method.
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Individual Therapy

45-50 Minutes
Specialized one on one sessions with your therapist working on treatment goals.
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Qualified Supervision

$150 - $135
60 Minutes
Providing clinical supervision for registed clinical social work interns.
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Melissa Broner
Fun Facts

Beyond the Therapy Room

Favorite self-care activity?

Nature and the sea! When I need to feel rejuvenated and relaxed a day by the sea or a hike on a trail fills my cup again. Engaging all of my senses and taking a pause to admire the small wonders around me. Growing up in Miami the beach was a definite go to.

Favorite book as a teen?

It's a tie between the 'Left Behind Series' and 'A Child Called It'. These books weren't just page-turners, they really stuck with me.

Favorite stress-busting technique as a teen?

As an FFA/4H member, spending time with my animals was my oasis of peace. I raised goats, lambs, pigs, and chickens, and each brought its own unique sense of joy. Playing basketball and immersing myself in books were also my treasured stress-relief strategies.


The Journey Behind My Practice

My Journey To Bloom

Throughout my career, I have successfully assisted individuals grappling with ADHD, anxiety, depression, self-doubt, anger, relationship challenges, and behavioral disorders. I find fulfillment in facilitating psycho-educational counseling groups, allowing individuals to benefit from shared experiences and knowledge.

University of South Florida

Melissa earned her esteemed Masters Degree in Education, specializing in School Counseling, solidifying her expertise in supporting students' holistic development.

Certified School Counselor

Certified School Counselor
Since 2013, Melissa has been making a profound impact in Pinellas and Hillsborough County as a dedicated middle and high school counselor. Her leadership as a Student Services Department Head, Youth Mental Health First Aid Trainer, and Social Emotional Learning lead has had a positive influence on countless students and families.

Expert Teen Therapist

In 2022, Melissa joined Bloom Counseling and Therapeutic Services as a compassionate teen therapist, bringing her deep passion for strengthening families and fostering positive change.

Work with Me

At Bloom Counseling and Therapeutic Services, we are genuinely excited to join you on your journey. Together, we will navigate through challenging times and utilize them as opportunities for growth, paving the way for a strong and fulfilling future. Are you Ready to Bloom?