Trauma Therapy for Teens and Young Adults

The therapists at Bloom are equipped with specialized tools to help overcome the symptoms that come from experiencing trauma. We use Accelerated Resolution Therapy to get rapid results.

The truth is, you're a successful young adult, but your trauma is holding you back.

Life has its ups and downs, and sometimes, trauma tags along for the ride. You're a successful young adult but you're filled with anxiety and panic. You're tired of feeling triggered all the time. It's like you can't escape the past, and even the smallest things set off a whirlwind of emotions inside you. You've tried to put on a brave face, but deep down, you know you need help. You want to break free from this overwhelming weight on my shoulders, but you don't know where to start. You need a safe space where you can be yourself and talk about the things that bother you without fear of judgment.

It's perfect for those of us who aren't comfortable spilling our guts but still crave the relief from negative feelings

We help motivated, insightful adults who want to better understand how their past impacted them. If you're tired of pretending that everything is ok when it's not. We can help empower goal oriented young adults like you to move toward their future with confidence. ART, an evidence-based psychotherapy, isn't your regular talk therapy. It works by reprogramming the way your brain stores tough memories and imagery. And the best part? You can expect to see benefits in as little as 1-5 sessions.

ART can address challenges: from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) to anxiety and depression, grief and phobias, even addiction and self-esteem issues. ART heals through eye movements similar to the ones we experience during dreams. In each session, your therapist will guide your eyes side to side with their hand while asking you to think about your problem. As your brain works its way through the problem with these eye movements, you'll start to notice a natural shift in how you think and feel about it.


Trauma & PTSD

We will teach how to use techniques like grounding and box breathing to manage and heal from trauma and PTSD.


We share therapeutic techniques like visualization and grounding exercises to start your healing journey.

Accelerated Resolution Therapy

Discover the power of eye movement, a holistic treatment approach to fast-track your healing from trauma.

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