Introducing Mentaya Health for insurance reimbursement: Make your insurance work for you!

Danielle Blyden
September 6, 2023
min read

We all know that dealing with insurance can be a headache, especially when it comes to mental health. You find a therapist you really vibe with, but then realize they're out of network. That's where Mentaya Health comes into play. They're shaking things up in the mental health world by helping people use their insurance while seeing a private-pay, out-of-network therapist.

Mentaya Health believes that therapy should be about you and your needs, not about insurance networks. They get that everyone's different and what works for one person might not work for another. Sometimes, the best fit for you might be a therapist who isn't covered by your insurance plan.

For a small fee Mentaya will submit insurance claims enabling you to get your reimbursement checks or help meet your deductible faster. You can concentrate on your therapy sessions, while they handle the paperwork. Their goal is to make the out-of-network process as smooth as possible.

Make your insurance work for you– see the therapist you want and get your money back. Bloom has partnered with Mentaya to ensure our current and future clients get their reimbursements

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