Therapy for Teens

teensWe specialize in counseling and therapeutic services for pre-teens and teens!  Adolescence is a time of rapid growth that can cause uncertainty, explosive temperament, and other behaviors that can take the peace out of your home.

Teens have special needs in a counseling environment.  They require counselors to be knowledgeable about social media and today’s teen issues. Teens and young adults are exploring their rapidly growing identity and they benefit from having extra support. If your teen fits into any of the categories below Bloom can help!

  • Sad and overwhelmed
  • Unmotivated and disinterested
  • Overcome by trauma
  • Angry and belligerent
  • Overachieving perfectionist
  • Shy and withdrawn
  • Victimized and Bullied
  • Social Media addicted
  • Emotionally dis-regulated
  • Lacking social skills

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